Peniche - Portugal

ZPOLURAS is a cultural platform oriented to the creation, development and promotion of contemporary art in the fields of music, poetry, visual and performing arts. ZPOLURAS 'aesthetic options move in the direction of experimentation and spontaneity, embracing a broader dimension of approaches, languages and traditions in the creative process.
This cultural movement aims to combine a set of resources to enable free, alternative and provocative artistic expression, and thus combat the stagnation, formatting and globalization of today’s human mind.
Based in Peniche (a small Portuguese west coast town, 80 km far from Lisbon), ZPOLURAS was constituted as a non-profit cultural association in 2016, although the activity of this platform goes back to 2008 with the foundation of P.R.E.C. (Projecto Ressonante Experimental Criativo), a multidisciplinary artistic group whose tour of shows through Portugal, gave rise to the creation of the first encounter of improvised music of Atouguia da Baleia – MIA – in May 2010.

  • Promotion of culture and taste for art, working in Portugal and abroad;
  • Encourage the constitution of different artistic groups among its members;
  • Promotion of shows, digressions and meetings, involving the groups constituted and others, in order to provide the sharing of experiences between national and foreign artists;
  • Provide information, qualification and artistic experimentation to its members, artistic community and the public in general, through workshops, conferences and debates;
  • Promote the transversality of artistic languages, without discrimination of genres or styles;
  • Encourage the use of new experimental or research technologies in the artistic projects supported by the Association;
  • Encourage transdisciplinarity and collaboration between artists from different areas;
  • Offer young artists an effective experience in creative work;
    Raise awareness and train new audiences, through a diversified programming in aesthetic terms, contributing to the development of the taste for contemporary art.
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