LiSi*A – Liberating Structures for Improvised Art

Vienna - Austria

*We understand improvisation as a research and development process of decentralized composition systems. It is the possibility for a collective composition that is created, influenced and supported by all who are part of it. The moment when the composition is created and developed is shared by everyone involved and the audience. Liveliness, freedom of expression, encounter and relationship are the cornerstones of collective composition. The collective composition is build with the sensitivity of all participants for them selves and for each other. It creates and promotes a free, unabashed approach to the potential of the moment. Scope is opened up which, depending on the objective, enables regulated to completely free play. In the "Collective-Transmedial-Instant Composition" one thing leads to another, different personalities and disciplines join a polylogue and different modes of expression become one complete pice.

LiSi*A is an organ of communication, organization, agreement and negotiation with institutions. It supports artists and art projects, that are experimenting with the combination of different disciplines and artistic medias and/or questioning their categorizations. It promotes and supports artistic and scientific research and communication projects that deal with “Instant Composition” and possibilities for building a transmedial and/or collective composition. LiSi*A promotes new forms of individual artistic expressions and artistic statements on the role of art in society and of the human, in a larger context.

Liberating Structures for Improvised Art are the structural foundation to provide individual artistic freedom, development, research… and to enable and guarantee collective artistic expression.

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