Ludwin Bernatene

Paris - France

Jazz musician by training (drums) he also studied digital percussions with musicians from Middle East, Turkey or India. His taste for improvisation led him to work with dancers, choreographers, actors, directors, in a wide variety of contexts. Jazz and improvised musics, traditional musics, but also contemporary dance for wich he composed and plays live or for video movies (1000 plateaux associés, Dansité, Butô). He also performed with street theater, children's shows, and new circus companies (Cirque Plume, les Costards, Remue-ménage). He creates sonic universes for poetry with field recordings, percussion and laptop, during readings on stage. (Fred Forte from Oulipo, Alison Koehler). He collaborates for many years with early music ensembles (Céladon, Alla Franscesca) with wich he recorded several Cds and performed in France and internationaly.

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