Lisa Ullén

Stockholm - Sweden

Lisa Ullén is one of Sweden’s most influential pianists in the free jazz and improvisational scene, as well as in contemporary music. She has gained international recognition as a distinctive and uncompromising musician and composer.

Born in Seoul, Ullén grew up in the northern part of Sweden. She has studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has conducted further studies in the USA and at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

In 2018, the Swedish Radio awarded Ullén the prestigious Jazz Composer of the Year. Her recordings have received several awards, including the 2019 Manifest Gala prize for her triple solo album “Piano Works”.

Ullén has been active in the scene in Sweden for many years with a number of groups and projects, and she is currently working solo and with the trio Space, chamber sextet GAHLMM, Reading Music, and in a duo with Nina de Heney

photo: Märta Thisner

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