KOOPERATIVE new jazz Wiesbaden e.V.

Wiesbaden - Germany

The KOOPERATIVE NEW JAZZ, founded in 1979 as a non-profit association for the promotion of modern jazz in Wiesbaden, grew out of a lively musicians' initiative. In the meantime, it is one of the oldest and most continuous independent cultural institutions in Wiesbaden.

The main focus of the volunteer work is the organization of concerts and festivals, the provision of rehearsalrooms, the facilitation of workshops, the establishment of a regular open stage for Improvised Music and networking with related initiatives throughout Europe and beyond. In addition, there is a large number of interdisciplinary productions in collaboration with dance, performance, visual arts, sound art, theater and film.

In 2008 the KOOPERATIVE NEW JAZZ /ARTist was awarded the culture prize of the city of Wiesbaden.

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