Milan - Italy

Laboratorio di Improvvisazione Estemporanea aperto alla città

Conserere is a self-organised collective based in Milan, run by musicians whose aristic research is focused on improvisation.

The collective was founded in 2016 as a reaction to the need of having a place where musicians could discuss and work dealing with improvised music. Conserere wants to create a network of support, education and promotion related to improvisation.

The main focus of the collective is about listening and dialogue. There are no genres, sounds or instruments that aren't welcome, so long as they interact with the coundscape with critical sense.

Conserere believes that a collcetivity can help individuals in their personal growth, so that they themselves during this growth can keep alive and sane the community in which they live. It is only through a high capacity of observing, listening and analysing that it is possible to take choices that are aware and determinating in establishing the quality of the world in which we live. Through the improvisational practice we train our body to react in an immediate and creative manner to unespected and extemporary situations.

Conserere deals with three main activities:

- open impro sessions, twice a month

- workshops

- ensembles

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