Stanford Cheung

Toronto - Canada

Stanford Cheung has gained a sought-after reputation as a Canadian concert pianist and improvisor working in the fields of classical music, contemporary music, avant-garde performance, interdisciplinary studies, and pedagogy. 

Known for the breadth and creativity of his programming choices, Stanford often combines his piano expertise with cross-disciplinary approaches to curate imaginative projects that fuse electronics, improvisation, visual art, and foley across a variety of artistic contexts. These works consist of compositions and concert exhibitions, which have been presented internationally at institutions such as the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), The University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Osaka University (Japan), Christchurch University WinterSound Festival (United Kingdom), Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra (Scotland), Orpheus Institute (Belgium), the 48th Rhubarb Festival (Toronto), The Operating System (New York), and Experimental Music Studios (Chicago), Koumaria (Athens), and Tokyo Poetry Journal (Japan).     

An avid collaborator, Stanford currently works with a wide assemblage of musicians, collectives, and researchers to broaden the ontology of contemporary piano music. Notable collaborators include CIRRMIT (Canada), Medea Electronique Ensemble (Greece), Figure 8 Recordings (USA), Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Canada), Morgan Fisher (Japan), Eric Lewis (Canada), Shahzad Ismaily (USA), Steven. J. Fowler (United Kingdom), Ichiro Fujinaga (Canada), Nobuo Kubota (Canada), Tianyi Zheng (Netherlands), Guildo de Favis (Italy), and Henry McPherson (United Kingdom). 

Stanford is a proud owner of a Moog Rogue that he regularly tours with.

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