Sofia Kakouri

Schaerbeek - Belgium

Sofia Kakouri (1986 - Gr), she awarded prizes for the contemporary dance category by the National Contest: Terpsixoris Erga (2002 & ’03). She graduated from the Hellenic State School of Dance KSOT (2010). Based in Brussels (Be) since 2012, she is living  and researching in self-organised -DIY collectives such as: Zonneklopper. She is working as freelance performance artiste, dance-choreography, teacher and sound maker.

She is exploring and developing her personal approach of composition, improvisation and performance, searching for the equal “inter-relationship” between the polymorphic and diverse expressions of her own body and the “other”. She loves to combine movement and sound using the pocket-trumpet, voice and objects as elongation of her body moves. Over the last years her vivid interest in improvised music, authentic tribal traditions, rituals, CI, martial arts, action&physical theatre, somatic practices, have a big impact on her daily life, practice, research and creations.

She was part of the ClockStop Fest Noci -It (2015), FreeFlowFest -It (2016), “Treffen Total" in K3 Hamburg -Ge (2016+2018), "Total 2017" at Seoul Dance center where she performed also at the opening of the Nam June Paik Art center (S.Korea), “Suoni Senza Confine” in collaboration with Lelio Gianneto and the collective Curva Minore -It (2019). She is collaborating and performs since 2014 with several multimedia artists &improvisers such as Peter Jacquemyn, Lazara Rosel Albear, Audrey Lauro, Gasper Piano, Klaas Verpoest, Carlo Mascolo among others, for projects such as: "the Art ensemble of Brussels", "WORP", "Duo with P.Jacquemyn", "Pockets", "Bass &voices”; Supported from festivals and venues such as: Wiels (Be), KANAL-BRUT (Be), "TicTac Art center (Be)", "Kunsthaus Rhenania-Room service (Ge)", "Nuit beauTas BXL (Be)", Luca/School of Arts and University of Leuven (Be), “SummerBummerFestival -Be.

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