Simos Riniotis

Athens - Greece

Simos Riniotis is a musician/improvisor based on Athens , Greece. He is a founding member of the improvisational trio The Coal (Dimos Vryzas/Giannis Arapis) and the avant garde trio Skraut (Giorgos Varoutas/Harris Lamprakis). Using a 3-piece drum kit and several objects (empty bottles, keys etc) as the basis of his sonic pallet, he attempts - at times with a minimalistic approach or occasionally based on a much more chaotic maximalism - to create a liminal space that can be defined as the meeting point of each participating voice. Apart from his regular collaborations, he has additionally cooperated with many important musicians and sound artists both in Greece and abroad.

He is also an active member of the AdHoc Arts collective based in Athens, Greece.



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