Simone Garino

Turin - Italy

Playing all kinds of saxophones and clarinets, Turin-based musician Simone Garino has a widespread spectrum of musical interests and influences.
He co-leads Mizookstra, a radical impro/electronic open duo with producer Mario Conte. He performed alongside jazz heroes (Anthony Braxton, Jon Balke, Enrico Rava, Billy Cobham), world music greats (such as Indian sitarist Shivnath Mishra and Turkish singer Kenan Doğulu), and experimental-pop legend Peter Gabriel. 

Founded in 2018 by Garino and Milan-based producer Mario Conte, the birth of Mizookstra was inspired by a neologism used by Bertolt Brecht: misuk (the opposite of musik, i.e. any kind of music formalism). Their first album "Also Sprach Mizookstra" was released in 2022 for Milan-based independent label SangueDisken.
Garino is currently collaborating, among others, with Turin-based collective Rhabdomantic Orchestra and italian singer-songrwiter Andrea Laszlo De Simone

In 2020 he was selected by MIDJ (the Association of Italian Jazz Musicians) as one of the best young talents in Italian contemporary jazz for the AIR program, aimed at encouraging the growth of Italian jazz through the creation of a network of residences for young artists. Within the program, Garino was awarded an artist's residency at the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo.

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