Raffaele Matta

Cagliari - Italy

Raffaele Matta is a modern guitar player inspired by jazz, rock, Indian classical, and other contemporary music and form of arts. He has developed his personal language by combining a melodic approach coming from various styles where Jazz is still prominent, with rhythm concepts influenced both from Indian classical music and jazz .Born in Sardegna, Italy on May 21, 1973 He began studying guitar in Italy and then at the Musicians Institute of Technology (GIT) in Los Angeles and the European Musicians Institute in Pescara (Italy) He also studied Indian classical music in Mumbai, with various top notch musicians and instrumentalists and developed a very unique rhythm system to integrate Indian rhythms with other music styles.He published seven  solo records: Meet Me In Sardinia, Rossonirico,  Sounds Of Human Activity, The last Gasp and Space Opera Vol.1, Modern Meditation and Inesorabile Graphic Scores.He also published a music education book about arpeggios for guitar improvisation: ARPLOG, Arpeggio Logic for Guitar.Aside from being a well known and acclaimed musician, Raffaele Matta is also a novel writer. He has just published his first novel Bach, a Cagliari, si è trovato bene, and he is about to release his second psychological novel. 

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