Philippe Lemoine

Ampus - France

Philippe Lemoine is a French tenor saxophone player, born in 1970 and based in Berlin (Germany) and Provence (France). He is active in Contemporary Jazz and Improvised Music since the early 90’s.

Philippe Lemoine is exploring the expressive capacities of his saxophone, developing his own languages, with a wide vocabulary of dynamics, pitches, densities and speeds, pushing the acoustic limits of the instrument.

He uses the saxophone as a generator of frequencies, a mechanism made of wood and metal to play with air and water, in a sound universe close to electro-acoustic music. He uses his mastery of the saxophone’s sound and his proactive force to serve the sound of the ensemble.

His fresh, winding and atonal phrasing browses a four octaves range, including extended techniques like multiphonics, circular breathing and voice/sound mixing.

As a soloist, Philippe Lemoine uses all those aspects of his personality in an expressive, generous and challenging narrrative.

His actual projects drive him to play with, among others, Simon Rose, Andrea Parkins, Anil Eraslan, Lena Czerniawska, Olivier Lété, Catherine Jauniaux, Michel Doneda, Christelle Sery, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Farida Amadou, Aymeric Avice, Audrey Lauro, Sylvain Cathala, Lina Allemano, Andrew Lafkas, Caroline Tallone, Grand8, Marie Takahashi , Alexandre du Closel, Soizic Lebrat, Emilio Gordoa, Geraldine Laurent, Emmanuel Cremer,  Julie Sassoon..


photo: Cristina Marx/photomusix

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