Peter Ole Jørgensen

Fredensborg - Denmark

Peter Ole Jørgensen - aka P.O. Jørgens and Pere Oliver Jørgens. (Denmark)

Plays mainly Drums and percussion. Composer & Producer.

Started to work with John Tchicai in 1974. Central figure on the freeform/improv scene for 40 years both as a highly creative drummer and producer. Has defined Danish improvised drumming for more than 40 years, releasing a stream of albums on his own legendary label Ninth World Music.

Composed over 50 scores for ballet, film and performances.

Performs on 75+ LP, CD and DVD releases - ranging from danish rockers Mev over Charles Hayward to the 2017 duo album ”Live Free or Die” with legendary american singer David Thomas (Pere Ubu).

Leader/co-leader of the groups:

The Wild Mans Band w/ Peter Brötzmann, Tordenkvartetten (Mats Gustafsson), Lubb (Pat Thomas) Mokuto (Anker, Friis Nielsen), Sweetheart in a Drugstore, Cockpit Music, Global Guaranty Orchestra, Ghost In The Machine w/ Evan Parker & Dog God ao.

Played and recorded with ao: Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, David Thomas, Phil Minton, Axel Dörner, Fred Frith, John Tchicai, Zëv, Frank Lowe, Mikolaj Trzaska, Paul Rutherford, Alan Silva, Fred Lonberg Holm, Marylin Crispell, Johannes Bauer, John Dikeman, Tim Hodgkinson, David Moss, Carlos Zingaro, Michel Godard, Peter Jacquemyn, Thomas Lehn & Sirone amo.

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