Patrycja Wybrańczyk

Gdańsk - Poland

Drummer. Currently studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Co-creates, among others, the Polish-Norwegian quartet PESH, Ninja Episkopat, and the Polish-Ukrainian quartet O.N.E. She has been performing on many scenes in Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, France, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Estonia, Belgium and Luxemburg. Also has been involved in various music projects, such as Pål Nilssen-Love's Workshop Ensemble during Oslo Jazz Festival 2022, and collaborations across different artistic domains (e.g., working with Marta Ziółek on "One Woman Show" at the Center for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle). She also co-hosts the original program "Rozmowy Przegrane" with Kamila Drabek on the online radio JAZZKULTURA. Her inspirations revolve around improvised music, classical music, Nordic jazz, free jazz, Polish folk and rock music.

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