patricia bosshard

Le lieu - Switzerland

Patricia Bosshard (Violon, improvisation, composition, électronique)

Patricia Bosshard follows a singular, experimental path, taking her violin to all sorts of performances and collaborations that take her to the USA, France and Europe in various festivals and contemporary contexts.

After a classical training in Montreal, in composition and electroacoustics with Rainer Boesch in Geneva, in jazz in Lausanne, she develops her own language from experimental and improvised music, paying particular attention to sound.

Her compositions reflect her work with electronics and her questioning of our surrounding sound world. Recent compositions for various contemporary music ensembles such as CH.AU (Vevey), ONCEIM (Paris, 2019), CoÔ (Paris, 2018), LGBS quartet (Geneva, 2021), GGRIL (Canada 2021), Le Grand Eustache (2021).

She is a member of two major improvisation and musical research orchestras: ONCEIM (Paris) directed by Fred Blondy and IMO (Switzerland) directed by insubordinations. In 2007 she founded with Nicolas Wintsch, video artist, the Compagnie Dynamo (video, acrobatics and sound).
She is the author of the jingles for the stations of the Lausanne subway M2.
She regularly writes music for theater, notably with the STT Company, selected for the best stage music in Paris in 2012. With Simon Grab, she leads a project around the sounds of MRI, winner of the LUFF competition in Lausanne and selection of the best experimental album (Qwartz, Paris). Resident in 2016 at 102 in Grenoble for her solo project "Out of violin" she plays it in various forms depending on the context (acoustic, amplified, with electronics and/or in multicast).
With Dragos Tara, she conducts research on the link between gestures and sensors in the form of electronic performances in multicast: "Coyote" in Residence at the Steim in Amsterdam in 2012 with a bow with sensors and "Satellites" with biometric sensors (2020). Very active on the European improvised music scene, she performs notably with Xavier Charles, the string quartet LGBS.


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