Nuno Rebelo

Lisbon - Portugal

Portuguese musician coming from a background of playing in pop-rock bands in the 80's like Mler Ife Dada, but since then he has turned to improvisitional & experimental music.

He has played with all kind of artists, such as Peter Kowald, Kato Hideki, Shelley Hirsch, Gianni Gebia, Paolo Angeli, Massimo Zu, Damo Suzuki, Le Quan Ninh, Eric M, John Bisset, Philippe Aubry, Carlos Zingaro, Jean-Marc Montera, DJ Olive, Audrey Chen, Joan Saura, Agusti Fernandez, Xavier Maristany, Liba Vilavechia, Rodrigo Amado, Americo Rodrigues, Carlos Bechegas, Ernesto Rodrigues, John Zorn.

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