Nuno Morão

Oeiras - Portugal

{Lisbon // 1976}

While a teenager, I wanted to be a geographer and train driver. I later chose music and sound instead. Since then, I have been playing quite an array of musical instruments (though focussing on drums and percussion) as if I were conducting a train through endless railways.
In parallel to this voyage, my sound skills as a recording-mixing engineer and sound artist have been honed with the same mindset one should use when contemplating vast landscapes in the great outdoors, be it within sound-music, cinematographic or exhibition contexts.

My current main musical projects are Som Alvo, The Selva, Space Sextet, Medusa unit, Cacto and Madalena Palmeirim. Other important ones include Hamar Trio, Wednesday, Love that Lava, PARQUE, Pinkdraft, Torres+Faustino+Morão, Variable Geometry Orchestra, IKB and Ensemble JER.

Among others, I have played with Abdul Moimême, Adriana Sá, Albert Cirera, Angélica Salvi, Bruno Parrinha, Carlos Zíngaro, Diogo Vida, Ernesto Rodrigues, Fala Mariam, Guilherme Rodrigues, Hernani Faustino, Hugo Antunes, Joana Guerra, Johannes Krieger, John Klima, José Lencastre, José Menezes, Julian Desprez, Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, Luís Lopes, Luís Vicente, Maresuke Okamoto, Maria do Mar, Miguel Mira, Norberto Lobo, Nuno Rebelo, Nuno Torres, Paulo Curado, Paulo Galão, Paulo Raposo, Pedro Sousa, Rafael Toral, Ricardo Freitas, Ricardo Guerreiro, Ricardo Jacinto, Ricardo Toscano, Rodrigo Amado, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Sei Miguel, Vasco Trilla and Yaw Tembe.

I was senior partner and sound engineer at FISGAstudio/Scratchbuilt (Lisbon-based recording studio) and I am the current technical director at OSSO Cultural Association (

My musical collaborations have been published by Clean Feed, Shhpuma Records, Creative Sources Recordings, Universal, jerverlag and Boca.

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