Natalio Sued

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Natalio Sued (Argentina) plays tenor saxophone, clarinet and flute. Improvisation plays a large role in his musical activities, where new and varied encounters with international improvisers take place in both renowned and underground venues over the whole world. Besides these ephemeral groups, Sued also takes part in well-established bands addressing a diversity of genres, styles and ways of working, encompassing the freedom of an instant composing band such as The Ambush Party and the reinterpretation of classics from the jazz era as in All Ellington; and also evoking his Argentinean background (Antimufa, Del Abasto) and his fascination for rock (Opositor and Ash trio), modern jazz (Native Speaker) and contemporary music (Solaris saxophone quartet). Recent collaborations with composers’ groups include Winter-Storm, New Dog, Valentín Garvie quintet, Sued-Nandayapa-Bergmann-Sounders and Zebra Band.

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