Minyen Hsieh

Taipei city - Taiwan

謝明諺 Minyen Hsieh



Minyen Hsieh is a highly regarded, award-winning Taiwanese saxophonist. The Taipei native, born in 1981, started to perform professionally at the age of 19, and received his Master degree from the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels on 2010. His strong improvisation skills and rich tone has made him a coveted player in several genres varying from: jazz, rock, folk, hip-hop, electronic to avant-garde. He won the Taichung Saxophone Competition in 2012, 2 times Golden Melody Awards (Grammy Awards in Chinese speaking world) and 5 times Golden Indie Music Award with His solo& co-leading albums. Besides Taiwan, he also tour frequently in Japan, Hong Kong, South-East Asia and west Europe.   

In 2022 he participated many projects/performances/releases such as:

Lazy Habits”album release tour

TMS5”  LEO37&That’s My Shhh

A Soulful Night of Jazz Poetry” vinyl & online concert

Meta, Construct Within’ Space” 2nd album of Non-Confined Spaces

Jazz In Taiwan” Music director of NTCH Summer Jazz Outdoor Party

Bonfire - Absence of Darkness” Music director/composer/performer of 5F Productions

I-Village Trilogy” performer by Sheng Xiang Band

a new little one” Taiwan tour with Suga Dairo

Music Vessel” Arranger/performer of Leo Wang

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