Marco Scarassatti

Belo horizonte - Brazil

Marco Scarassatti (1971)

Sound artist, improviser and composer, develop research and construction of sculptures,

installations in addition to field recordings and soundscapes; professor and researcher at

the Faculty of Education at UFMG and author of the book Walter Smetak, o alquimista dos sons (the sound alchemist) (publisher Perspectiva / SESC, 2008).

He collaborated in 2009, in the setting up of an orchestra formed by musicians who played in the streets of Berlin, as well as co-directed OMNIKESTRA, an orchestra of invented instruments formed in 2015 with the participation of Tom Zé (Sesc Vila Mariana, 2015). He conceived, created and directed the show Villa-Lobos Landscape, held at CPFL Campinas, in March 2009, on the occasion of the 50 years of the composer's death.

In 2013 he performed the sound installation RIO, in partnership with the artist Fernando

Ancil - exhibition Escavar o Futuro, Belo Horizonte.

Participated with musical pieces or performances from the following festivals: ISIM

Conference (USA, 2007), 3rd Patagonian Biennial (2007), Encuentro de Arte Sonoro

Tsonami (Chile, 2007) Buenos Aires 2009 and 2011, Festival Zeppelin 2008 (Spain). He played and gave masterclasses at the University of Valparaíso - Chile (2010) and in Buenos Aires, during Tsonami 2011. In addition to having participated in three editions of the Improvised Music Meeting of Atouguia da Baleia, the MIA (2013, 2014 and 2019), inPortugal.

Released albums: Novelo Elétrico (Creative Sources Recordings, 2014), Rios Enclausuros (Seminal Records, 2015), RUMOR (CSR, 2015), Amoa hi (CSR, 2016), Casa Acústica, fragments of a daily improvisation (CSR, 2017 )), Novelo Elétrico 6 (Antena, 2017), Hackearragacocho (QTV, 2018) and Psychogeography by the Nottwo label from the álbum Antonio Panda Gianfratti, Marco Scarassatti, Otomo Yoshihide and Paulo Hartmann (Nottwo, 2019), Construtores de Sons (Sesc 2019) and Cuatro Chronicles About the city and the ancestralid (Buh records, 2019), Cape Verde Sound Chronicles (La Petite Chambre / Autogenenis, 2019), Aglomerado dos seres verticais (PMC, 2019), Ocelot (Homeless Lowfi,2020), Ela (Rata Sorda Rec, 2020), Mojubá Exu (sirr-ecords, 2020), Caraguatá / Moxotó (tsss tapes, 2020), Disputa e Guerra no Terreiro de Roça de Casa de Avó, with Marina Cyrino, Matthias Koole and Henrique Iwao (Oem Records, 2020), Rua Herval (Homeless Low Fi, 2021), Zero Out, with Abdul Moimeme (Oem Records, 2021).

He was commissioned artist by the Kunstradio radio in Vienna, to compose the work

Memória do Fogo, in 2015 and also commissioned artist to create a sound installation for the front of the Hellerau theater (Orixás Sonoros, 2016), during the Tonlagen Festival, 2016.

He participated in the MaerzMusik Festival (2017), in Berlin, as curatorial consultant and played Walter Smetak's Sound Plastics, during the festival, at the DAAD Art Gallery in Berlin, alongside Tomomo Adachi, Mazen Kerbaj, Tuzé de Abreu, Silvia Occugne and Chico Mello.

At the end of 2016 he was awarded by the Ibermúsica program with a prize and an order

to compose for the Chilean group CEMLA, having composed, in 2017, the song 4

Chronicles about the city and ancestry: Belo Horizonte, San Pedro de Atacama, Valparaíso”.

And in 2017 he participated in Documenta 14 (kassel-radio documenta), with the works

Rios enclausuros and Magnum Chaos.

He participated in the collective exhibition O Círculo, at Galeria Milan, São Paulo, in 2018, with the works Esù and Oyá.

In August 2019, he participated in the residency and collective exhibition Instrumentes, in Coaty-Salvador, Bahia, with the work Iyabá.

He composed the music for the feature film O Homem-peixe (2017), by Clarisse Alvarenga and had his favorite music in the feature film Democracia em Vertigem (2019), by Petra Costa.

He is the author, along with Julia Gerlach, of the texts present in the book / catalog

Inventions of Smetak-The Interfused Kingdoms of the Inventor, Sound Artist and Musician Walter Smetak (1913-84)

He conceived and directed the Film-Partition Anesthesia (2021), inspired by the graphic

composition of the same name by Walter Smetak, with its premiere scheduled for

08/05/2021, at the Memories in Music festival, by Akademie Der Kunst, in Berlin.

He is the author of the essay Multimedia Unplugged Prophet-Visionary (2021), launched by BuhRecords.

He is one of the sound artists of the collection Musical Objects, Homage to Walter Smetak (Buh Records, 2021)

Conceived and created the MATA BIO project for the Culturescapes Amazonas 2021 festival alongside Livio Tragtenberg (Switzerland, 2021)

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