Marcelo von Schultz

Moreno - Argentina

Marcelo von Schultz (Argentina, 1976) musician, drummer and educator.
Coming from the jazz and creative music scene of the west of Buenos Aires (DervicheDoña MaríaAntü).
For several years he’s been dedicated to the exploration and development of improvised music and free jazz.
He has several albums with Catriel Nievas, Dùo (2014) and Tùneles (2016) both released by French label Adaptador Records,  and Mokita (with Cecilia Quinteros, Christoph Gallio and Alex Elgier) edited by Portuguese label Creative Sources, and many others published by Plus Timbre and Discordian Records.
Currently he’s working with Stopmobil (Jorge Torrecillas, Pablo Vázquez & Luciano Bagnasco),Derviche (with Luciano Peralta and Leopoldo Janín), Motor (with Sofía Salvo and Gustavo Obligado), Haiti (with Cecilia Quinteros and Sergio Merce), and Hernán Samá (dúo), among many others.
Also teaches Afro-Latin Percussion, belonging to the Drumset degree at Luján Art School José Ferrari (Prov. Of Buenos Aires).

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