Luigi Tamagnini

Rosario - Argentina

Composer, performer, improviser and live coder from Argentina.  I play piano, synths and computers.

Audiovisual artist and programmer. Initiated in the late 90s in the composition of electronic and concrete music. His work is deeply intertwined with algorithmic processes and concepts. In the mid-2000s, he began researching programming languages and applying algorithmic techniques in musical and graphic computational processes. His work is linked to a number of concepts - not only computational ones such as generativity, noise, machines, fractals, and algebraic processes; but also other meta-structural ones such as modularity and hybridization in complex systems (digital-analog, human-machine, etc.) and networks. He is also interested in 'live coding' and improvisation. His works include musical compositions, electronic audiovisuals, video art, and digital drawings, among others. "He is a teacher and researcher at the National University of Rosario - UNR. In addition, he has taught classes, courses, conferences, and seminars in Argentina and abroad. He is also co-founder of the Civil Association Humedal and participates in the management of the Humedal Festival, International Biennial of Musical Improvisation and Sound Art, and the All Free Musical Improvisation concerts in Rosario.

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