Julien Catherine

Bagnolet - France

  Julien Catherine is a french drummer and percussionist active on the jazz and improvised music Parisian scene. He is involved in numerous bands of different sizes going from large ensembles (Let My People Hear Music BigBand, Anti RubBer brAiN FActOrY, NuTz&BoltZ Tentet, Orchestre 2035) to smaller combos such as Otok (Yoram Rosilio, Hamza Touré, Thomas Zielinski), Vattelappesca (Morgane Carnet, Waly Loume, Luca Ventimiglia). He is a member of Ábàjade, inspired by western african music styles and their cousins in the caribbean.

He has studied drums with Simon Goubert, Ianik Tallet, Rafaël Korner, Fred Pasqua, classical percussions with Marc Dumazert, and traditional percussions with Ivan Ormond (Sabar) and Sebastien Quezada, Barbaro Machito Crespo, Ramon Tamayo Martinez (Bàtá drums).

He is a member of the collectives and labels Le Fondeur de Son and 2035.

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