Joshua Weitzel

Cassel (hesse) - Germany

Joshua Weitzel is a musician, sound artist and curator born in 1989.

His practice encompasses a wide field of activities, including experimental chamber music, jazz, sound installation, field recordings, electroacoustic music and improvisation. His instruments of choice are guitar and shamisen, which he plays both employing traditional and extended/invented playing techniques. His music is primarily concerned with spaces, contrast, harmony, timbre, as well as collaboration.

He was the artistic director interim of the art space Galerie Feiertag from 2019-2020 and the artistic director of the concert series "Chamäleon", for which he was awarded the culture prize of Kassel (Kulturförderpreis Stadt Kassel) in 2020.

Currently, he is artistic research associate for sound art and sound research at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz in the group Art - Sound - Research led by Peter Kiefer.


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