Jonathan Aardestrup

Vanløse - Denmark

Copenhagen based musician, composer, producer and organizer, Jonathan Aardestrup, has balanced his expressive output between the unconventional and the catchy. A free-spirited bass player who is always seeking to break new ground in denial of pointless repetition, leading to a continous investegation in composed original music, improvisation and the corelation of the two.

While always playing with collectively based groups that worked closely
together for many years, the idea of bringing musicians together has been central to his efforts and since he was a young teenager, he has been organizing events which facilitate foundation for musicians to build relations. Music as a social phenomenon based on freedom. Abstract, sometimes wordless, political statements in Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Avantgarde, Experimental Electronic - always independent.

In the last couple of years his primary focus has been on creating a continous fow of more or less spontanious sessions with likeminded musicians refecting common ideas in music as in life. New meetings and explorations with emotionally unifed collaborators has lead to a more open and direct musical conception.

This has sparked jolts of mystic magical energy, in new constelations with many different members on the impro scene including Louis Moholo-Moholo, TS Hawk, Anders Vestergaard, Rasmus Kjær, Laura Toxværd, Christian Balvig, Niels Mestre, Sven Meinild, Kristian Tangviek, Mads Egetoft, Paul Wacrenier, Szymon Pimpon, Andreas Røysum, Siv Øyunn, Maria Dybbroe.

Member of the international collective of improvisors The Community. Currently playing in The Way Out, Trup Aardestrup and on a freelance basis.

Selected discography

The Way Out - TWO HAU EYT (CD 2006) ; Sort Stue - Der er Blod Overalt (CD 2007) ; Sort Stue - Sort Arbejde (2008 CD) ; Sort Stue - Endnu en ulovlighed (2009 CD) ; Sort Stue - Sort Stue (2010 LP) ; Betting on the Mouse – BOTM (2010 CD) ; Betting on the Mouse - Betting on the Mouse (2013 LP) ; Bluenette Sisters - Fatty Cookie (2014 CD) ; The Way Out - We Are You (2014 LP) ; Sort Stue Gamle Habitter dør hårdt (2017 MC) ; The Way Out – Yes We Are (2018 LP); SPIME - Cosmic and Spontaneous Gestures (CD 2020); TS Høeg - Can I Share This With You (2020 LP)

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