Johannes Rainer von Wrochem

Berlin - Germany

Coming from a family of musicians Johannes von Wrochem first played violin, followed by electric guitar. After a period of song-oriented music with different groups he decided in 2003 to concentrate solely on Free Improvisation, without genre limitations, and often in combination with other art forms such as dance or mise-en-scene. He has played extended range guitars in 2016(8string) and added a 10string in 2022. His set usually comes with dynamically driven fx. In the last twenty years, he performed on several open stages, concerts and international festivals with interchanging partners. He also appeared as a co-organizer at international festivals and curated a small series of monthly concerts in berlin.
Since 1995 he works as an event technician for bands, ensembles, and soloists in art music, entertainment, and other cultural environments. He has always interpreted his work as an activity of art and values the different perspective, that of technical realization and intuitive musical work…. and beyond.


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