Jena Jang

Prague - Czechia

Jena Jang is a multimedia artist from South Korea, currently based in Prague, Czechia. As a part of her doctoral research project 'Contemporary Art of Healing: New Generation of Shamanism Ritual Practices (2019-)', she has been working on her own elements of the shamanistic ritual: vocal, live music (instrumental, recordings), sacred images (video art), and ritual dance.

She's interested in sound storytelling and its visualisation to the spiritual level," which she creates using extended technique and so her vocal improvisation varies from chanting, humming to screaming, which focuses on purifying herself, removing negativity, and transforming it into lightness. This energy circulation is the main repertoire of her pieces, and she adds recordings from streets, nature, all kinds of coincidental harmonies from the universe. She dives into the power of unconsciousness, which delivers its artistic trance/flow.

She studied visual art and animation, so she frequently works on video arts for her own music and, more recently, for others. She made a music video for "Sol Nebula" by the band Sun Apollo (CZ), and she did her first live visual for the duo Cherny Chleb (PL/RUS) and live visual and artwork for the music video and album cover for a musician Fialový Samet (CZ). As a musician, she performed her vocal and Hae-Geum (Korean string instrument) pieces at "A Day of Sound'' at GASK (Kutná Hora) and Gampa (Pardubice), and as the result of the collective project "TRYCHTÝŘ'' she performed with Jakub Nečas at "Sonda Festival'' at the Observatory and Planetarium in Brno. Also, she did vocals for the band Rolba (CZ), and they performed at Studio Hrdinů, and she did her Germany debut concert at Trickster in Berlin. In 2023, her track "v.o.v.o.v" appeared on the album "INTENT 2023," by various artists, released by the Bulgarian record label Mahorka.


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