Jena Jang

Prague - Czechia

Jena Jang is an extended vocalist and experimental noise improviser from South Korea, currently based in Prague, Czechia. They focus on power electronics and harsh noise, using vocal improvisation, extreme screaming, high-pitched frequencies from their DIY synth modular, and exploring somatic singing techniques. Their vocal style is inspired by chanting, yogic breathing practice, throat singing, and Korean traditional singing techniques from Pansori, Samulnori, and Shamanic rituals, along with vocal warmups. Jena incorporates movements like head banging, crawling like a baby, performing crying scenes, and moving their hair in the air as visual performances to release stress. Their work aims to transform negative memories and old traumas into feelings of lightness, turning negativity into positive energy. Their practice centres on transforming energy through time and space, pushing the boundaries of sound and healing to offer an authentic and transformative experience.

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