Jena Jang

Prague - Czechia

Jena Jang, a Korean audio-visual artist based in Prague, combines ancient artistic traditions with contemporary expression to explore innovative healing methods. Using multimedia art mediums, including vocal and dance improvisation, DIY synthesisers, amplifying ready-made objects, and live visuals, they create boundary-pushing live art pieces that address past traumas and promote emotional healing. Drawing from Butoh's concept of 'body without organs', they channel emotions for shared experiences during performances. Inspired by shamanism and nature patterns, their art transcends cultural boundaries, resonating deeply with the human psyche. Their doctoral research, "Contemporary Art of Healing (2019-2025)," integrates childhood memories with various audiovisual mediums, collaborating across both wide musical and visual spectrums to engage all our senses. Through psychedelic visuals, nature imagery, and improvisational techniques, their project fosters healing energy for both themselves and the audience.

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