Jena Jang

Prague - Czechia

Jena Jang is a South Korean sound-visual artist currently based in Prague. Technically, use vocal improvisation, extended instrument playing techniques, recording distortion, and often include performative skills such as butoh dance. This explores various combinations of energy harmony, dissonance, destructive collision, and its circulation and guides collective time-space travel with the audience, and hopefully self-reflection, realisation, and healing effects may come along.

Their sound and performance projects are based on an organic, coincidental, but chaotic structure, and intense screaming is one of the core methods for detoxification. It benefits from facing emotional wounds directly, unwinding them through harsh noise and a brutal scream to vomit negativity from the deep level of the unconscious mind, taking it out of the body, and emptying the mind by chanting and humming.

Musically, it experiments on live composition, or sound storytelling, with a primitive, non-verbal human voice as an instrument. Also, they often add audio-reactive live visuals that visualise dynamic frequencies between nature, humans, and technology.

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