Gustavo Obligado

Berlin - Germany

Gustavo Obligado, musician, improviser, composer, and performer born in 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been residing in Berlin since 2020. He began his studies at the "Manuel de Falla" Superior Conservatory and completed the Expanded Music Postgraduate Course at UNSAM in 2018.

Actively involved in various original music projects such as Arura, Falsx Conejx, NoWa, HAPAX, Supernintendo Archundía, and Tripas, Gustavo works with a variety of acoustic (saxophones, clarinets) and electronic instruments (sequencers, samplers, drum machines), exploring genres derived from experimental music, free improvisation, noise, and experimental electronics, among others. Additionally, he has released three solo albums: "Phenomenas" (2017), "Phenomenas Vivas" (2018), and his most recent work, "Ulúlofono" (2021). His music has resonated through tours in Europe, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, the United States, Peru, and Mexico, and his current discography comprises more than 20 albums.

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