Georg Wissel

Cologne - Germany

Georg Wissel -sculptor of compressed air via (prepared) saxophones, clarinet

I am concerned mostly in contemporary forms of Improvised music since the 199ies and during the time have been constantly searching for new sounds by preparations and extended playing techniques, which by the time have become an integral part of my playing.

Working and performing internationally as Soloist under the title 'The Arte Of Navigation' and together with numerous exponents in Improvised music as Liz Allbee, Burkhard Beins, Nicolas Collins, Gunda Gottschalk, Lou Grassi, Michael Griener, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Thomas Lehn, Jerome Noetinger, Tim Perkis, Melvyn Poore, Gino Robair, Richard Scott, Rie Watanabe, Ensemble hand werk, London Improvisers Orchestra …

whilst maintaining long term collaborations in my duos along with acclaimed percussionist Paul Lytton, 'electrosapiens' Joker Nies and australian saxophone fellow Tim O'Dwyer, in trio with 'the WISSELTANGCAMATTA', 'CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN', 'Broken Ghost Consort' with Matthew Goodheart and George Cremaschi, SIN-3 (Beins-Lehn-Wissel) and 'Simon Rummel Ensemble'.

Creating acousmatic sound-compositions on the basis of field recordings has become another part of my artistic interest since 2010.

appearances on festivals in Europe, South-America, USA, Middle East, Asia and Australia; various CD- and Radio-productions


regulary holding lectures on group improvisation at the University of Cologne, since 2019


For more information on my work and actual projects please refer to and

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