Florent Dupuit

Paris - France

Florent Dupuit has been awarded two gold medals at the Montreuil’s National School of Music (saxophone and chamber music), and has also followed a formation in baroque flute for fifteen years. In addition to his participation to the bands of famous musicians such as Glenn Ferris, Sylvain Kassap, François Corneloup or Eddy Louiss (between 1992 and 1996), he has been a steady actor in many parisian bands in a broad musical spector, from jazz to rock and in various contexts of creation. He is also involved in numerous projects in the field of contemporary classical music, and has been Art Director for Shaï Label between 1998 and 2000.

Today, Florent is a member of ARBF and Tikkun ; bands leaded by bassist Yoram Rosilio, of Pedro Kouyaté’s quartet, and of Fred Maurin’s orchestra Ping Machine and leads his own band Alice’s Mirror Quartet.

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