Emil Gross

Berlin - Germany

The young drummer is caught between experimental, rock, jazz, blues, free improvisation, rocksteady and world music. He works on numerous projects, currently from Berlin, where he also works as a teacher and studio musician.
As an avowed live musician, he has been on tour in Europe, USA & Morocco in recent years, with musicians such as Joe Fonda, Oliver Lake, Paul Rogers, Mike Kindred, Abdeljalil Kodssi, Michael Jeffry Stevens, Richard Palmer James or Anupriya Deotale.
For 10 years he was known mainly as a reggae/dub musician with the Roots Reggae band Naked Vibrations and as an organizer through the Heart Culture Festival, which he founded with the HeKuNa Association. For many years it has been an integral part of the internationally active cultural association Limmitationes, the 4 States Sessions and Free Forms Movement.

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