elisabetta lanfredini

Berlin - Germany

Elisabetta Lanfredini

Elisabetta Lanfredini is a singer, improviser, performer and educator based in Berlin. She started music studies in early age studying jazz singing and improvisation. She deepened the western vocal technique studying barocco singing for two years and she studied several folk traditional music like Dhrupad singing (North Indian Music), Nada and Mantra Yoga (Yoga of the sound), kurdish Dengbej style and turkish folk music. Beside the  live activity she made several field researches in Italy about folk traditional music and oral poetry (Ottava Rima), she realised video documentaries and several articles.

The background in folk music and ethnomusicology together with the deep and long experience in the experimental theatre, develops her style in a sort of modern storytelling, fully opened to both improvised and traditional music. She lives the stage like a performance involved poetry and literature, spoken voices, tape recorders and sound objects. Lately she has opened her art to video art using stop motion animation.


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