Edith Steyer

Berlin - Germany

Edith Steyer is a free improvising and composing clarinet and saxophone player with her roots in jazz and classical music. As a former student for social anthropology she is also interested in ethnic music. She is dedicated to the exploration of her instruments and prepares them with music tools and elements from every day life. She also experiments and combines the prepared instruments with electronic devices and feedback. Aside from working on a solo concept, her foremost interest is to create intelligently woven nets of interaction and noisy sound scapes with other artists. As a part of the Improvised and Experimental music scene of Berlin, she works in bands like SORBD (w/Mia Dyberg, Rieko Okuda, Isabel Rößler, Sofia Borges), La Primera Boca (w/Lorena Izquierdo), but also with her quintet BELLSS, that started out with compositions by the legendary clarinet player John Carter and the elctro-acoustic duo HOMO PHASER (w/Beat Keller). She was also working with musical theatre groups , like Das Wilde Klingen and Mann aus Obst. She got grants for her work from the Senate of Berlin, Deutscher Musikrat, Musikfond and Goethe Institute.
Some festivals and series she played:
Fusion Lärz, Multiversal Berlin, Ooh Festival – Ragusa (Sicily) London Amsterdam, SOTU Festival Amsterdam, MIA Festival Portugal, Instant Music Series Amsterdam, Interpenetrationen Graz, pin-to-tonics Amsterdam, Kaleidophon Ulrichsberg, Festivals in Odessa und Chisinau



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