Dimos Vryzas

Athens - Greece
Dimos Vryzas is a violinist, improviser, songwriter and composer from Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Since some years his focus in music has moved on Free Improvisation. He studied Improvisation with Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin.
With a unique approach that comes out of a comprehensive spectrum of influences, from classical and folk music to rock, noise and ambient music, he is interested in exploring the limits of the instrument, working with the contrast of acoustic/electric sound and finding new ways of expression within music.
Violin is the main source of his sound. Often enough he uses his voice or other instruments to make music.
Creating various soundscapes, working with noises, composing music for Film and Theater are also at the core of his work.
As an improviser he performs in solo as well as in various formations.
He has collaborated with many composers, visual artists, directors and dancers in various interdisciplinary projects all over Europe.
In the last years, he has been traveling, recording and performing with many great musicians in Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and more.


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