Darius Carlo Schahin Heid

Cologne - Germany

(Extended) Piano / Synthezier | Concert Organizer

Darius (*1999) is a creative improvisor who formulates his personal sound material and artistic expression through intensive research. His playing style has been described as ''quiet, present, precise, quick-witted and energetic.'' He works in projects in-between the fields of improvisational music, new music, sound art, experimental club music, jazz and hiphop.
In his current solo project, he expresses his own ''experience of heavy, concentrated sounds'' from monasteries of Eastern philosophy into a focused performance. Concerts took him to South Africa, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands and to Denmark.

I am partly organizing JAZZ IM GREESBERGER, a concert series 2 times per month (only mondays!) in a local bar. Let me know if you're in town, and want to play. It is necessary to have a relation to the scene in cologne, f.ex. collaborative projects or guest musicians. Preferably young people. You can check previous acts on instagram (jazz_greesberger)

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