Danilo Casti

Decimomannu - Italy

Danilo Casti is an Italian electroacoustic musician and composer hailing from Cagliari, Sardinia. His musical journey began in the early 2000s, spanning live performances, collaborations with contemporary dance, video art, and multimedia installations.

Danilo's music style is characterized by a blend of synthetic and concrete sounds, organized in various creative ways, from atmospheric soundscapes to algorithmic generative approaches. His experiences in experimental theatre and contemporary dance have heavily influenced his compositions, creating captivating sonic experiences.

As an artist, Danilo has been a solo performer, collaborator in collective projects, and a member of Dalila Kayros's band since 2018, where he contributes as an electronic musician, composer, and arranger. Additionally, he collaborates as a music composer and sound performer in Alessandro Carboni's contemporary dance company.

Throughout his career, Danilo Casti has collaborated with diverse artists and performed at various international festivals encompassing electronic music, theatre, and contemporary dance. His music reflects his commitment to artistic expression and exploration.

*Festival (selected): Kilowatt 2021, Short theatre 2021, Isole che Parlano 2020 

*Opening (selected): Rashad Becker 
, Author&Punisher
*Collaborations (selected): Dalila Kayros, Alessandro Carboni, XOVER

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