Lyon - France

Guest of theaters, festivals and biennials in France, Brussels, Berlin, Japan, Chad, Cynthia places contemporary languages at the heart of her artistic project: improvisation, repertoire, creation, sound plasticity.

She explores the physical possibilities of the piano, percussion or electronic keyboards in relation to those of the body.

She conceives shows and performances associating musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists - particularly with the artist Damien Pierre within deuxlames, musician and painter duo and companies Korpüscül and Les Tréteaux. Same vein, she created the concept ligne courbe that holds meetings of free improvisation, she plays with Nori Ubukata at the theresyn in lunar 23.1 and develops with Romain Darracq murmure la montagne, prepared piano enhanced with robots and effects at the GMVL (electroacoustic) in Lyon.

Sound artist,  hybridizing the arts in the installations she creates, she questions the fundamental relationship binding gesture, sound and their own traces.

Cynthia holds a CA in piano and is a graduate of the Conservatoires Supérieurs de Paris, Brussels and Lyon. She is involved in teaching and mediation.


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