Constantin Herzog

Cologne - Germany

Cologne based bass player Constantin Herzog is active in and between diverse musical styles, such as contemporary music, improvised music, jazz, and early music on double bass, bass guitar and violone. He played with i.a. T.ON, Oxana Omelchuk, Bassmasse, Multiple Joy(ce) Orchestra, Consord Münster, Ensemble tra i tempi, Ensemble Garage, Ensemble electronic ID, Ensemble musikfabrik, GroBA, Studio Dan.

CD releases on Anna Ott, Clean Feed, NRW Records, gligg Records, Unit Records, Impakt Records, GOGO Records, WERGO, HatHutClassical studies with Detmar Kurig at HfMT Cologne, Jazz studies with Rudi Engel and Dieter Manderscheid in Würzburg and Cologne.

Founding member of Impakt-Cologne.

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