Christopher Robin Cox

Budapest - Hungary

Christopher Robin Cox is a veteran trombonist originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, who now lives full-time in Budapest, Hungary. His tone is big, dark, and saturated. At the age of 16, he was playing plunger blues solos with blues bands all up and down the Russian River, backing up Jackie Payne, Uncle Mark, Nick Gravenitus, Gail Lil'Bit Muldrow, and later on Howard Tate and Little Milton. 

He has played and/or recorded with the late Marco Eneidi and Glenn Spearman, George Cremansci, Michael Ray, Donald Robinson, Bertrum Teretsky, Damon Smith, Miklos Szylveszter, Stanley Jordan, Charnette and Cody Moffett, Raphe Malik, William Parker, and many others. 

In addition to creative improvised projects, he has also recorded and performed all over the US and Cuba with the band Junkyard Empire and worked with poets Amiri Baraka, Sha Cage, and E.G. Bailey. Between the years 2011-2019 he took an extended hiatus from playing professionally and established himself as an educator and scholar, receiving a PhD in Geography along the way. However, now it is music that he most wants to pursue. 

Since moving to Budapest in 2019 he has started performing more regularly and is actively seeking opportunities to play around Europe. His current quartet includes two phenomenal Hungarian bass players Péter Ajtai and Hock Ernő, and drummer Gyárfás Attila. He utilizes looping, household object on or in the trombone, multiphonics, split-toning, and effects pedals, and the other members of the quartet also utilize electronics as well. 

Currently, he is booking performances under the name "AlOnE," where he travels by himself around Europe performing with musicians on location. The focus of the project is ambient, psychedelic music meant to transcend the overly-individualized experience of the world we so often see today. We are alone, but we are still all one, thus AlOnE. 

In September he will be making his first appearance in Austria, and in March, he will be touring the West Coast of the United States together with Transient (a.k.a. David R. Molina). All of this marks a serious attempt to re-establish his presence in the world of creative improvised music. 

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