Chris Cundy

Cheltenham - United Kingdom

Playing bass clarinet and rarified woodwind instruments Chris Cundy shares a particular interest in combined aspects of improvisation and composition. Drawing on self developed playing techniques such as multiphonics, circular breathing, and microtonal aspects, his current practice includes working with the ensemble Troublehouse alongside pianist Marjolaine Charbin, percussionist Mark Sanders, and string players Bruno Guastalla and Dominic Lash. He’s also active in pop music and has toured internationally with ​Timber Timbre, Cold Specks, Fyfe Dangerfield, Little Annie, and Devon Sproule amongst others. He occasionally performs contemporary classical works and has worked with composers including Thanos Chrysakis, Tim Hodgkinson, and Annea Lockwood.


“Swirling around the songs was bass clarinet player Chris Cundy, like a birdsong interrupting an argument”



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