Carlos Zingaro

Lisbon - Portugal

Carlos “Zingaro” | music | violin and electronics, composer, visual artist. Residencies at Wroclaw Technical University (Poland), Creative Music Foundation with a Fulbright Grant (New York, USA), Civitella Ranieri Foundation (Italy / USA), etc.. A Portuguese pioneer on using new technologies, live interaction and real time composition, as well as new relations and improvisation techniques with sound and body movement. Has been a constant presence since almost 50 years at some of the best international new music / new jazz festivals. Collaborating with such performers / composer as Fred Frith, Joêlle Lèandre, Richard Teitelbaum, Derek Bailey, Otomo Yoshihide, Evan Parker, among many others. Stage composer for dance and theatre, worked with O. Roriz, F. Plisson, V. Mantero, G. Corsetti, etc.. Also composes for cinema and has more than 70 published records under his name or collaborations with others. Was a founding member of some national music & performance associations, Granular, Associação do Conceptual Jazz, etc.. Several solo and collective art exhibitions since 1969, as well as some illustration and painting prizes.

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