Beatriz Gijón Gijón

Copenhagen - Denmark
  • Beatriz Gijón Gijón (1994 Granada, Spain) is a musician focus on the practice of musical improvisation, contemporary composition and interdisciplinary art performances. She is graduated in classical piano by the Royal Music Conservatory of Granada. For her master’s she graduated in rhythmic piano, within the program “Global Music Master”, by the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus, and the Sibelius Academy. Gijón also finished an Advance Post-Graduate Diploma "Soloist" in rhytmic piano/composition at the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus. Besides moving around diverse genres as avant-garde jazz, contemporary, folk etc. she became more interested in Free Improvisation practices and interdisciplinarity arts, writing her final thesis “Opening the borders of free improvisation”. She also uses the voice and body movement as part of her range of resources when performing and composing.

  • Between her interdisciplinary interests, we can mention her collaboration with contemporary theater companies like Chekov Machine (FI) and Vladimir Tzekov (SP) and impro-comedy companies, like Improperios (SP). She has performed in festivals like the Jazz Festival of Granada 2016(SP), Salmon Dance Festival 2016(SP), Barcelona Improfest 2017(SP), Mixtur Festival 2017(SP), Africa Moment 2017(SP), Urbana X Ateneum Festival 2017(FI), Full Moon Dance Festival 2018(FI), Quonga Festival 2019(DK), Aarhus Jazz Festival 2021(DK), Ung Nordisk Musik 2021(DK) and played among Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany and Mali.

  • Currently Copenhaguen-based, she is developing performances exploring the possibilities of musical improvisation connected with composition, diverse music genre, improvised movement, poetry, visual art; both as a performer and artistic director. Leading her band ONBEAT, and the interdisciplinary improvisation festival Granada Improfest , she performs often both with her own projects and other collaborations as Orange Ladybugs, Efecto Mpemba, Evil girl or Mariana Carvalho & Beatriz Gijón duo.

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