Alvaro Rosso

São vicente - Portugal

Moved by an interest for Uruguayan popular music and jazz, he began playing the electric bass, but soon turn into the double bass. So he began his studies at the University School of Music of Montevideo, making contact with classical music and the basic technique of the instrument. The interest in learning and deepen the knowledge of tha double bass takes him to France, where he continues his education. There, he begins to take an interest in contemporary language and free improvisation having classes with professors like Stephan Olvia or Jean-Marc Foltz. Once a master's degree in Spain focused in the contemporary repertoire, extended techniques and experimentation, he moves to Portugal, where he currently resides.

Alvaro is a musician with rich and diverse background and experience, who has worked with both symphony orchestras, ballets and operas, as well as with popular or experimental roots projects, including theater, dance or image. Today, in addition to being a teacher, he develops and collaborates with many Classical orchestras in Portugal as well as several projects, mainly mainstream jazz and free improvisation / instant composition with figures like Abdul Moimeme, Albert Cirera, Ernesto Rodriguez, Miguel Mira, Fred lomberg-Holm e Carlos ‘Zingaro’, among others.

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