Akka Miau

Berlin - Germany

Lena Kocisova / akkamiau [DETUND]


Audiovisual artist and experimental musician, concept writer and art director, also performer and art event manager resident in Berlin.

Akkamiau plays live on semi-modulars and synths, ranging from experimental jams to techno sets and has released her production on labels such as DETUND, female:pressure, Kashev Tapes, SPRINGSTOFF and Establishment records.

In 2019 she produced and art directed audiovisual movement performance Interjections (Liminal Act). In 2022 wrote a concept and obtained funding for audiovisual performance and a grounding ritual VOLTAGE 2.0, produced in international collaboration between Czech and Germany. Soundtrack will be released as Voltage 2.0 EP on Detroit Underground label in July 2023. Recently she is working on a new piece Termini, in a tradition of Gesamtkunstwerk,  a complex experience sourcing from the transformative power of energy of the sound.

Latest highlights mention an improvisation jam with Lady Starlight at Signals festival Berlin; radio features of Voltage 2.0 at DubLab, reboot.fm and Refuge Worldwide radios. Akkamiau regularly plays and DJs on the local scene with focus on the emotional power of sound frequencies, presenting a delicate mixture, from ambient through experimental to techno and rave. On May 2023 re-launched her radio Impromptu Impulses show at 88.4FM Berlin - each episode features a unique mix incorporating audio from live jam session, field recording or other sound performances with her guests.



member of artist group Anymade Std.(2006-2010)

co-founded art collective StratoFyzika (2012-2019)

coordinator, promoter and booker of female:pressure network (2013-2023)






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