Jazz ao Centro Clube

Coimbra - Portugal

JACC - Jazz ao Centro Clube is a portuguese Non for Profit Cultural Association. It was officially constituted on April 30 th 2003, in the city of Coimbra (Portugal's “third” city). Altough many of it's projects are of a national scope, it has a very strong local basis in Coimbra, where it runs a vibrant venue called Salão Brazil.
In the last fifteen years, Jazz ao Centro Clube evolved from a mission centered in the promotion of musical culture - with a special emphasis on jazz and exploratory music – to a larger field of activity involving the questioning of the role of artistic practices in community development.

However, since the moment it was able to implement and manage it's own independent venue, the organization was able to constitute a coherent Educational Project (Serviço Educativo JACC). New projects focused on audience and community development have slowly gained importance and somehow paradoxically the Educational Service also became the locus of JACC's shift from a stricly artistic programming organization to a artistic structure that not only commissions new works but also develops new artistic and cultural objects involving a large and diverse community of artists, academics and activists.
A good example of these kind of activities is the work in progress around the Digital Archive of the City Centre of Coimbra, that connects the artistic work related to soundscapes and acoustic ecology to questions of urban development and civic participation.

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