IN A SNAP Collective

London - United Kingdom

About IN A SNAP Collective:


in a snap: 


It’s all about snap decisions made in the moment, instantaneous creation, but with a unique approach. We work together to reach a level of immediate music and/or mixed-arts creation equal to planned approaches of creation and composition. It’s about getting to know the unknowns and learning to unknow the knowns in order to put everything together again in a unique manner. This procedure allows us to approach ways and contexts that range from community based projects to very experimental avant-garde projects.




1. The most important aspect here is the audience. They are a part of the creative process, an important factor in the moment of creation. We want them to be deeply involved in our performance, at times contributing with ideas and otherwise contributing with their attention and energy.

2. At the heart of collective lies collaboration. We want to be open to new and exciting formats and collaborate with other and diverse artists and creators: dancers, actors, filmmakers and even musicians. Starting as two musicians our hope is to grow a wide ranging collective of collaborating artists, bringing engaging new works to a wide audience. Our first collaborator is the movement artist/choreographer Iris Athanasiadi.

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