Istanti Sonori association

Pisa - Italy

 Istanti Sonori association was born in Pisa (Italy) from an initial nucleus of musicians who gathered around the works already carried out by the three years of the musical festival of the same name, Istanti Sonori, the latter of a continuous nature and with a monthly appointment, in the Cantiere San Bernardo in Pisa. Among its aims and tasks, it intends to continue expanding it, the path already carried out for a decade (from 1976 to 1986) by the CRIM (Centro per la  Ricerca sull'Improvvisazione Musicale) of Pisa. Specifically, the association intends to support, disseminate and promote research in music in all its forms, with particular regard to the aspects of improvisation and its interaction with other arts such as visual, writing, dance, performance. and other expressive disciplines, through the production of concerts, educational workshops, conferences, training courses, production of records, writings, videos, etc...

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