En Busca Del Pasto

Madrid - Spain

En Busca Del Pasto (EBDP) was born in 2003 as a project of strict musical improvisation and sound research, which has increasingly emphasized the scenic and performative dimension of music as "real time" and as a collective phenomenon. Today EBDP has more than 50 albums published on the Internet under copy left licenses, but still the most important thing is in the live ones, in which we should not only ask ourselves "What is it that sounds?", but also "What is happening here?".

EBDP not only works with music, but also with scenography, poses, the possibilities of live experimentation, expectation or public participation..., playing with the conditions in which improvisation will take place every time. Nothing is superfluous! And this is the fundamental thing: being a strictly improvised event, nobody knows what will happen there in the end.

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