Lille - France

Muzzix is a collective of around thirty musicians based in Lille, active since the late 1990’s. Its musical universe spans from jazz to experimental and improvised music, in varied forms that range from solos to large orchestras, from concerts to sound installations and performances.

Muzzix’s overall activity revolves around artistic creations emanating from the collective, exploring contemporary musical and sonic languages while focusing on experimentation. Today, there are over thirty projects annually that express the lively creativity of collective musicians, produced regionally, in France, and more and more crossing borders, into Europe, Asia, and North America.

Muzzix also programs events in different locations around the Lille metropolitan area. The highlights Muzzix & Associés (Muzzix and Associates) is organized every trimester, offering an opportunity to invite French and foreign artists on tour, try out new musical configurations with these artists, and to develop partnerships with cultural institutions in the region. The collective also offers activities to raise awareness, through concerts in partnership with local organizations or in private homes, as well as workshops aimed at educational, professional and amateur audiences.

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