Marina Tantanozi

Basel - Suisse

Marina Tantanozi (GR/CH)

flute// bass flute// FX

is a flutist, improviser and sound artist, living and working between Switzerland and Greece. Her creative process focuses on the notions of communication and temporality, connected through the experience of active listening. She combines voice, spoken text, microtonal textures and electronic processing in order to create a personal language and to expand the technical and expressive possibilities of her instrument.

As a performer, she is interested in exploring music-making in very diverse settings, at the intersection of improvised, experimental, jazz and  electroacoustic music, while carrying the sounds of the Mediterranean music traditions.

She regularly engages in research and works with artists from fields such as video, dance, theatre, and visual arts. In 2019 she created the sound installation "the third space" for Unfrozen Education or How to Relearn symposium in Rethymno Greece.

Festival and club performances have led her on tours throughout Europe, Russia and the Eastern Mediterranean countries. She currently plays in duo with Silvan Schmid (trumpet, FX), the trio Eden/Loriot/Tantanozi, the trio tangent+mek, with Insub Meta Orchestra, with Aquaserge, the Bottom Orchestra and she has performed amongst others with Eve Risser, Hans Koch, Clara de Asis, Julian Sartorius, Franz Loriot, Camille Emaille, Lucas Niggli, Christian Weber, Martina Berther, Joana Maria Aderi, Jonas Kocher, Alfred Zimmerlin, Andria Nicodemou, Samuel Dühsler, Timothée Quost a.o.

In order to support and promote improvised and experimental music, she co-curated the concert series KlangBang in Basel (2015 - 2019), she co-founded the organization adhocArts in Athens (2021) and sometimes leads experimental music workshops in public school classes in Switzerland. She studied Improvisation (CH), Flute (NL) and Musicology (GR).

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